True Blue, Mate: Client Liaison are heading to MOFO

Client Liaison know what it means to be true blue. Harvey Miller's keys and Monte Morgan's (often falsetto) vocals are more Aussie than you can poke a stick at, and they plan to crank their dated '80s synths at MOFO on January 19. The band tell us what it really means to be Australian, and [...]

From Hollywood to Bollywood (to MOFO): The Bombay Royale

The Bombay Royale is colour, dance, disco, India, and psychadelia - all rolled into one. After kicking off in Melbourne with the goal of bringing retro Bollywood to the Aussie ear, the band wrote hits of their own and are about to rock them at MOFO on January 18. Read ahead to find out everything [...]

A Wonderful World: The Australian Art Orchestra at MOFO

 The Australian Art Orchestra has a long history of performing daring and experimental works. Having played instruments made out of confiscated Mexican weapons, fused traditional Indian music with Western jazz, and mastered both visual and aural aspects of a show, the ensemble know a thing or two about how to open our ears. The AAO [...]