Tim Campbell: High School Disco

Tim's High School Disco
Tim’s High School Disco


Tim Campbell was born to entertain. The House Husbands, Dancing with the Stars, and Home and Away talent has spent years working his way through the Aussie arts scene as a singer, actor, and TV host. He’s with new release High School Disco, bringing us the best hits from the ’70s and ’80s.

So how does it feel to spend a life entertaining others in every way possible?

“The fact that I can do a job I love and still pay the house off, I’m very lucky and very happy,” Tim says.

“The good thing is that I’ve been able to go through different mediums – I love that I can mix it up and still call it a career.”

While he may certainly seem like a natural, Tim was in fact a late bloomer when it comes to the performing arts. Raised in a family whose careers were centred on accounting and finance, the choice to become an entertainer was supported, but unexpected.

“I know people who had been into entertaining since they were five, but I was into sport instead. I used to play soccer and athletics. But in our school we had variety nights, where I would do some sketch comedy moments and from that I kind of discovered it.”

“I grew up with quite a good work ethic, and my family knew I would look after myself. Now, they love the fact that I’ve found my own niche with what I do and I’m making a great career out of it. But touch wood – I’m still paying the house off! It’s all been good so far.”

Tim and his band have spent the last few years performing at corporate events, private gigs, and public festivals. His audiences have long asked him if he’d recorded – but it was in 2013 that the idea came of creating an album with songs that “everybody loves.”

“These songs were from that time in high school where everything was care free. These songs aren’t just great to dance to – they take you back to a memory, to a time that was just so easy and fun.”

Songs like ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ and ‘I’m a Believer’ are revived through Tim’s new release High School Disco, taking him back to the days of his youth.

“I grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney, so any song that’s got a bit of that ‘80s bogan vibe to it like ‘My Sharona’ or ‘What I Like About You’, that’s the thing I like.”

“Even though I look like a clean cut game show host, my voice really suits ‘80s rock and ‘70s punk rock. I used to have moments playing ‘Funky Music with the lights down and I really did feel like a rock star when I was singing it – but unfortunately, I don’t look like one! But that’s ok.”

Tim confesses these songs come with the vision of making mums and dads feel young again, but affirms that even for younger generations, the “melodies are so catchy that even if you haven’t heard them, they’re still so fun.”



This article featured in Warp Magazine, June 2014. http://www.warpmagazine.com.au.



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