“The Future of Music”: Lolo Lovina

Lolo Lovina. Image sourced Warp Magazine.

When you live in a multicultural society, world music is right at your doorstep. Aussie band Lolo Lovina have brought together musicians from all corners of Europe to create a melting pot of gypsy madness, and are bringin’ their thang to the Homestead on February 7. Lead singing gypsy Sarah Bedak tell us why Lolo Lovina is, according to Brian Eno himself, “the future of music.”

Lolo Lovina has Ukrainian, Romanian, Hungarian and Brazilian band members – but despite their differing backgrounds, they’re able to achieve the perfect balance of tastes and traditions.

“We have matching skill, passion, drive, dedication and desire to play and celebrate our peoples’ music as well as we possibly can,” Sarah says.

“We are blessed to have found each other and to have this amazing opportunity to work with one another.”

After meeting in Serbia three years ago, the musicians “clicked perfectly, musically” and got straight into recording and performing styles ranging from tango, British pop, flamenco, and gypsy swing.

“A lot of people replicate gypsy music, but what we are doing right now is the total real deal and we’re very excited about it!”

Though Sarah herself was brought up in Sydney, her Budapest-Romani gypsy background is the essence of her music.

“I am in love with gypsy music,” Sarah says.

“It is the sound of who I am. It is in my blood.”

Sarah continues a long history of performing gypsy music, with family relations to violinist Roby Lakatos, folk composer and violinist Danko Pista, and trapeze catcher father who travelled around Europe in a gypsy circus. It’d be safe to assume some incredible stories are told over the family dinner table.

“My family played jazz illegally during the Communist occupation of Hungary, in dug out hidden basements. Can imagine how cool that would have sounded?”

Lolo Lovina may not perform for us in a hidden basement, but the band will be sure to bring their vibrant, traditional, and overwhelmingly sultry music to our Tassie ears.

“Our music is impassioned and alive. Sexuality is, of course, a part of this. I feel most myself when I’m singing and I focus on giving love and gratitude to the audience for being with us. I hope the audience is inspired to celebrate life when they hear our music.”

Join Sarah in Lolo Lovina at the Homestead at 9.30pm on February 7. Tickets available at the door.


This featured in Warp Magazine February 2014


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