Dave Graney: a Humble ’90s Rocker

Hardcore guitarist, songwriter and performer Dave Graney has been hailed as a ‘cryptic rock voyager’, a ‘tooled up clown’, and a ‘freewheeling champ’ during his 25 year album career. The ‘90s rocker shares the ups and downs of his career in the Aussie music industry.STEPH: You've said your music is loaded with ideas and emotions- [...]

“The Future of Music”: Lolo Lovina

When you live in a multicultural society, world music is right at your doorstep. Aussie band Lolo Lovina have brought together musicians from all corners of Europe to create a melting pot of gypsy madness, and are bringin’ their thang to the Homestead on February 7. Lead singing gypsy Sarah Bedak tell us why Lolo [...]

2014 Australia Day Honours

Many Australians were acknowledged for their contributions to the community in this year's Australia Day honours. Professor Kate Warner and Peter Campbell were two of the Tasmanians who received an Order of Australia award for years of dedication to the state and country.Professor Warner, who was made a Member of the Order (AM), has been [...]

Zombies, Lesbians, and Tasmanian Film: Rebecca Thomson

Rebecca Thomson is modest when it comes to her knowledge of the silver screen.“I definitely cannot describe myself as a film buff,” Rebecca admits.“I hang out with people who quote from feature films and they just pull references here or there. I’ve seen the same films and I can’t remember anything – I’m left with [...]