The Magic Ferret: Official Film Review

Jacob Tremblay plays The Great Sambini in new short film The Magic Ferret. Image supplied by Alison Parker.

The Magic Ferret is a charming adventure into the imagination of a young orphan who longs for a happy family. In such a short space of time, this film provides a delightful insight into the innocent mind of a child – and the magic that can grow between three adults, a child, and a ferret.

Dressed in an adorably oversized suit and bow tie, child actor Jacob Tremblay confidently takes on the role of Sam – an orphan boy who tries his hardest to impress prospective parents by crafting his own magic show. With the bizarrely well trained ferret Booger as his assistant, Sam dons his cape and magician’s wand to become The Great Sambini. Despite being unbearably cute (you will no doubt want to adopt him yourself), Sam has trouble finding a mother and father who wish to take him home. The natural performance given by established actress Beverley Elliott, who plays Sam’s compassionate child carer Mrs Rassenti, stirs strong sympathy for the rejected boy. However, what is actually an upsetting situation develops successfully into a heart-warming one when a promising young couple is drawn into the child’s magic act.

The innocent logic and creativity of a child is demonstrated effortlessly through both script and performance. Beautifully shot, the film makes excellent use of lighting and effects to take you right into the rich and warm world of The Great Sambini. The short is ambitiously cast (and even includes a Mark Ruffalo lookalike) and well directed by ferret enthusiast Alison Parker, with a playful soundtrack featuring Selena Gomez. The Magic Ferret is a heart-warming film that will delight the whole family, and leave you feeling as warm and fuzzy as Booger the ferret himself.

The world premiere of The Magic Ferret will be at the 2014 Seattle Children’s Film Festival.


Beverley Elliott, Jacob Tremblay, Fred Ewanuik, and Lisa Durupt in The Magic Ferret. Image supplied by Alison Parker.

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