An Evening with the Mornings: from Pub Scene to Theatre


Hobart Indie-folk band the Mornings have spent endless nights pumping away to energised fans in pubs across the country. But this month, they’ll be entertaining a different crowd when they bring their Ribbons Theatre Tour to the Playhouse.

After spending the last six months on tour, lead guitarist and singer Sam Cole says the six-piece band is getting ready to bring Hobart an intimate preview of their upcoming album.

“I like doing the shows which are slightly different,” says Sam.

“Playing at a pub is always rowdy, but in the theatre there is a lot more focus on the music.”

“Especially with the new songs we’re playing, there’ll be a lot more chance to really engage with them, so it’ll be really cool. I guess it’s a bit of a step up, in a different direction.”

While Sam describes his experiences performing in the Hobart pub scene as “pretty good,” he admits that touring around the country has provided the band with the odd cringe-worthy memory.

“We’ve had some interesting, dodgy little pubs,” remembers Sam.

“You travel, you drive for twelve hours to get somewhere and then you get to the pub and it’s not exactly what you’ve planned.”

“We have had some really amazing shows, but there’s always one show that you have a bit of a cringe about afterwards.”

“For a long time, we had a lot of vegetarians in our band, and they’d give you a big bowl of meat, which was probably not the best after driving for twelve hours and being hungover.”

Sam expects the Mornings’ upcoming gig at the Playhouse Theatre will be a refreshing move away from the pub scene, for both band and audience.

“It gives a slightly less rowdy crowd the chance to come a long and enjoy the music. We might have a bit of an older crowd, but I’ve always found that bands down here have always been pretty loyal and come along to support things.”

The Mornings will be supported by “some really cool acts” including the Beautiful Chains, fronted by Hobart’s Seth David.

Sam hints that the band will be performing songs from their latest release Ribbons and will give a taste of what’s to come in their upcoming album later this year.

“We’ll be scaling it back, doing some different things with the songs, and getting in some extra musicians.”

“There’s going to be heaps of extra stuff. We’ve had an individual lighting technician who we’ve been working with over the last month to put things together and it’ll be a really amazing light show.”

“We also have a few roving stage pieces, so it’s going to be a full theatre show with a rowdy pub band.”

The Mornings will be in the Playhouse Theatre on October 11 and 12, and more info can be found at


This article was featured in Warp Magazine October 2013

(Photo sourced: Warp Magazine)

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