When Japan meets Hobart

A fantastic new restaurant has just opened up in Tokyo. Did I say Tokyo? I meant North Hobart.

You will need to re-evaluate if you think that eating at a Japanese restaurant is a matter of deciding between the salmon or the tuna sushi roll. Miyabi is a restaurant to break all culinary stereotypes, offering a range of dishes that are entirely unfamiliar to Western culture, and deliciously authentic to Japan. With an energetic and friendly Japanese staff base, Miyabi brings you the real deal in Japanese cuisine.

Miyabi aims to replicate the traditional ‘Izakaya’ styled pub-restaurants in Japan, where all generations of friends and families meet up after work for a relaxing cup of sake or a warming green tea, and spend hours noshing an abundance of hot and cold dishes.

Do not be swayed by the takeaway-styled entrance. A journey up the stairs to the main dining area will transport you to a place where you can experience the full extent of Japanese street culture – without the jet lag. After you have received a pleasantly unnecessary amount of welcoming from the owner and waitresses, you will be seated by candlelight in a gorgeously intimate setting, complete with rice paper screens, lanterns, and stunning ukiyo-e styled prints and feature walls. You will then be offered a drink, and handed the most voluminous menu you have ever seen.

Personally, I couldn’t go past the set three course meal in which I was served six mouthwatering dishes. You might think that cheese in Japanese food sounds as obscure as seaweed in Italian, but the Asakusa styled Tsukune (meatballs with cheese topping) will undoubtedly change your mind.

Miyabi’s delicately refreshing range of salads and smaller-than-usual portions of warm meals means that you will have room to try as many dishes as you like. And a word of advice – do not pay the bill until you have tried the Marinated Minced Pork with Bamboo Shoots on top of Eggplant finished with Miso Sauce. It’s a mouthful to order that’s worth every bite.

Once you feel comfortably sated and ready to step back down into Hobart, you will receive a farewell that will warm your heart (if the sake hasn’t already), where the entire kitchen and wait staff will roar with “thank you”s and warm wishes.

Miyabi is open from 11am til late Monday to Saturday, but I would recommend booking a table in advance, as the intimate atmosphere is made possible by its small number of tables.


339 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart


Steph Eslake

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