Learning to Exist

By Steph Eslake The Jungle Giants have stampeded onto the music scene with the release of their debut album Learn to Exist. The Melbourne based Indie-pop group have successfully captured and disseminated the hyper energy of youth through their new release. The four-piece band fronted by Sam Hales provides a welcome interruption from the popular craze [...]

Brian Ritchie talks summer at MONA

By Stephanie Eslake If you think Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art is just about digestion machines and walls plastered with female genitalia, you’re missing out. The museum’s growing contribution to Tasmanian culture does not stop at its provocative art displays. Similarly, its music scene is not restricted to the celebrations of MONA FOMA. [...]

When Japan meets Hobart

A fantastic new restaurant has just opened up in Tokyo. Did I say Tokyo? I meant North Hobart. You will need to re-evaluate if you think that eating at a Japanese restaurant is a matter of deciding between the salmon or the tuna sushi roll. Miyabi is a restaurant to break all culinary stereotypes, offering [...]

The Pet Shop Boys

For me, the Pet Shop Boys is synonymous with the cassette tape - and the memory of bouncing around as a child, convincing myself through song that I had the brains to "Make Lots of Money." Three decades on from that classic hit comes the release of the band's new album, Electric. Check out the [...]