They Might Be Giants

Whether you dug them in the ‘80s, grew up with them in the ‘90s, or discovered them in the naughties, American alternative rock band They Might Be Giants will have provided you with a comical representation of American culture. You’ve probably heard the Brooklyn musos whether you know it or not. After starting up their [...]

Showing the Ropes

Showing the Ropes - video Showing the Ropes is a hilarious Tasmanian short film, produced as part of the Raw Nerve initiative. Check out the link above to go behind the scenes in this short featurette. Shot, directed, and edited by Stephanie Eslake and Calum Nethery.

Tom Thum

I may be able to boast about having listened live to INXS, the Chinese opera, the Dresden Dolls, and the TSO. However, my arrogant ears took a blow on Sunday night when I was confronted with an explosion of sounds in Tom Thum's Festival of Voices gig. While I sipped a warm mulled wine at [...]

Paul McDermott comes to Tassie

Paul McDermott comes to Tassie Paul McDermott rocked Tasmania's 2013 Festival of Voices with laughs and song. Check out the link for my video interview with the Australian comedian-songwriter at the launch of the festival. Stephanie Eslake

Hip-pop… Indie-hop… Hipster-hop?

By Steph Eslake Chance Waters is no ordinary hip-hop artist. Dressed like he was about to meet his girlfriend’s parents in a neat jumper and shirt, he skipped onto the Republic Bar stage sipping bottled water through a modest beard. He could have easily passed for a regular hipster, and when he parted his politely [...]

Friendly Elephants

By Steph Eslake Friendly Elephants is the new instrumental studio release from Hobart artist Alan Gogoll. Evoking visions of serene Tasmanian landscapes, this Indie-acoustic album will have any Tasmanian daydreaming about a drive up the East Coast, or a frolic through the fresh fields of the island's country side. 'Under the Bugs' opens the album [...]

Morning with The Mornings

By Steph Eslake Serene and natural landscapes. A relaxing getaway with music and friends. An escape from the sounds and speed of the city, atop the picturesque Mount Wellington. This might sound like the ideal weekend away for those busy at work in Hobart town, but for Tassie band The Mornings, it was the perfect [...]